installation guide

kamid has a short number of dependency, namely:

Sources can be fetched from:

It's strongly advised to verify the tarball before compiling. A SHA256 file is provided, but it can only detect accidental corruption. Instead, use signify(1) and SHA256.sig to cryptographically verify the downloaded tarball.

$ signify -Cp -x SHA256.sig
Signature Verified OK
kamid-0.2.tar.gz: OK OK

The signify pubkeys for this and the next release are:	RWRwqQVDYtY1jTc1lXqyu2e+ZGWgN/h3n/LE/at7pNTuJ1qWsogFvDh8	RWRfLLIt5kKXfLgtcP6xF/3SlaPOGsBRYl2Tl8husw3pObmkdh/hxqiL

Once the dependencies are installed, building is as easy as:

$ tar xzf kamid-0.2.tar.gz
$ cd kamid-0.2.tar.gz
$ ./configure
$ make
# make install	# eventually

This should install a few programs:

and the relative manpages.