KAMIPROXY(1) General Commands Manual KAMIPROXY(1)

kamiproxy9p over tls proxy

kamiproxy [-dv] -c host[:port] -l [host:]port -C cert [-K key]

kamiproxy is a proxy for 9p over tls. It listen on a local port for plaintext 9p connections and forwards them to a real server using a TLS-encrypted tunnel and a client certificate.

The options are as follows:

Path to the client certificate to use.
Connect to the remote server identified by the given host name on the specified port (1337 by default.)
Do not daemonize. If this option is specified, kamiproxy will run in the foreground and log to standard error.
Path to the key of the client certificate. If not provided, it's assumed to be the same as the -C flag.
Listen on the specified address. The host by default is “localhost”.
Produce more verbose output.

9p(7), kamid(8)

The kamiproxy program was written by Omar Polo <op@omarpolo.com>.

kamiproxy opens one TLS-encrypted connection for each incoming connection. A better approach would be to multiplex the traffic to the remote server, akin to what the plan9 kernel does by default.

February 9, 2022 OpenBSD 7.2